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                          ROCK N' ROLL FOREVER TOUR V   2020 

  We were at a free concert at Kanomi Lea Beach Proper last night. Weheard some of the best Rock n’ Roll ever played live by some great people.Towardthe end of the show Black Velvet Curtains descended so that the entire stage was draped and a spiral staircase appeared in the dark as a crew reset the stage. Then the lights went down and the crowd started talking to each other as nine musicians and six male and female backup singers took their positions on stage. Then, very subtle spot lights were focused on them as they  stood dressed in short suede crimson jackets and bell bottomed tight black pants and skirts. The instruments gleamed and the drummer sat poised and ready to play. The music started, loud, in a pounding blues beat as a lead guitar started to scream. In the center of the stage, at the top of the stairs, a spotlight started on someone’s feet and moved up their body as he shuffled down the steps to the rhythm of the music. A voice broke into song “ Who Do You Love” and he continued down the steps until he was bathed in white light, which then turned red. The audience turned silent, we all got a chill, wondering what it was we were hearing and whom it was we were about to see. I heard some women at the front of the stage gasp. He was tall, wearing a short black suede jacket with a black collar worn high, like a Hoodlum in the fifties, with a collar-less crimson pleated shirt and black bellbottomed pants with a leather belt and small silver buckle. His guitar was the most beautiful Ebony and Pearl guitar I HAVE EVER SEEN. As he dropped to one knee, he finished his first song, rose and went into “Boogie Girl” then “Fast As You” He never said a word during the half hour he was on stage, he didn’t have to. He moved with such rhythm and poise that everyone went nuts. He is one of the only entertainers I have ever seen who could play a screaming guitar, sing and at the same time move around a stage in such a manner, never looking down at the frets on his guitar. His solos were one wanted to leave, but he just vanished into the darkness. When I got back to the office I searched Google and found a reference and Autobiography on him at his sites ,but there must be a mistake, he couldn't be any where near his stated age 73. Not that man ! If I were a performer I wouldn’t want to go on before him or after him! He’s as handsome as Elvis, plays like Hendricks and sings like Janis Joplin! His versitility in all Genres is amazing. A New Fan”

Dante Kanoe  Rollingstone

“Thank You Dante for the review.That was a last moment addition to the event.That is the man you saw and his age is's just that he must have made a deal with the devil long ago !”

Stan Stiles— Crystal Records/Japan Music Limited

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