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STILETTO with Nate Jaeger and introducing Dianna Shane and Daddy Rich for the 2020 Rockabilly,  Rock n'Roll, Country, Blues, Rock & Doo Wop TOUR

One Man, One Guitar, One Voice!


The Music of the United States reflects the country's multicultural population through a diverse array of styles. Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Cajun, Rock n’Roll, Rock and Jazz are among the country's most internationally renowned genres.


Since the beginning of the 20th century popular recorded music from the United States has become increasingly known across the world, to the point where some forms of American popular music is listened to almost everywhere. Now the Peoples Republic of China has opened it’s borders and it’s ears to American Music and have invited One Man, One Voice and One Guitar , Nate Jaeger to perform for them Nationally.


Nate Jaeger and the band Stiletto with Dianna Shane and Daddy Rich are the premier band, with over 150 years of musical experience will now move to entertain the most populated country in the world. The original inhabitants of the United States were the hundreds of Native American tribes, who played the first music in the area. Beginning in the 17th century, immigrants from England, Spain, and France began arriving in large numbers, bringing with them new styles and instruments.


African slaves brought their own musical traditions, and each subsequent wave of immigrants also contributed to a sonic melting pot. Much of modern popular music can trace its roots to the emergence in the late 1800s of African American blues and the growth in the 1920s of gospel music. African American music formed an important basis for popular music, which also used elements derived from European and indigenous musics.


Therefore the following 40 Nate Jaeger Albums of musical composition will follow that growth from the Cotton Fields of the South to Fillmore West where the emergence and birth of Modern Rock and Rock Blues arrived and raged in the Summer of 1969.


Nate Jaeger 2010.jpg
Nate Jaeger [Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar]
Derrik Jaeger [Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar]
Sean Jaeger [ Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards]
Dianna Shane [Opening Artist/Background Vocalist ]
DADDY RICH (Guest Blues Artist) Cory Ames
[Guest Artist and Background Vocalist]
Monique [Guest Artist and Background Vocalist]
Rhett Rhetsloff [Harmonica,Sax,Trumpet]
Zane Harold [Keyboards]
Angelina Holt [Drums]
Mart Mason [Bass Guitar] Dalton Fox [Rhythm Guitar]
Jimmy Payne [2nd Lead Guitarist,
violin, harmonica, horns]
Eddie Kurtz [Production Manager]
Ray Allen [Lights]
Missy Jones [Wardrobe]
Sally Wright [Hair and Makeup]
Tim Watson [Sound]
Janice Ralston [Instrument Technician]
Robert Valdez [Smoke Machines and Pyrotechnics]
Billy Mates [Craft Service and Chef]
Sammy Nolstrom [Tour Bus Transportion]
Tim Waylen [Show Bookings]

Nate Jaeger is a Member of The Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) since 1974, The American Federation of Television Actors(AFTRA), The Actor's Equity Association (AEA )and The American Federation of Musicians WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKED THROUGH December 2021.

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